Resolve and heal issues from generations past

with Family & Systemic Constellations over the Phone

Divyo Maria Kuhlmann Systemic Family Constellations


  • Improve Relationships
  • Process Trauma
  • Move Through Grief

Sedona Systemic & Family Constellations assists individuals in healing and resolving present issues as well as those from generations past.  Here you will have the opportunity to work with Divyo and your Family Field over the phone.

It is well known that we inherit physical traits from our parents. What is less known is that we also inherit our family's emotional patterns. While our physical traits are easily discernable, our emotional legacy is more obscure. We are profoundly affected by our family history. Traumatic events such as the premature death of a parent, sibling or child, an abandonment, crime or suicide can exert a powerful influence over us, and, in fact, can leave their imprint on our entire family system for generations. These imprints then become the family blueprint, as family members unconsciously repeat the sufferings of the past. Family patterns from generations back can play a role in current personal and family dynamics. Unresolved traumas from our ancestors can have an unseen influence in our lives.

Family Constellations work has been regarded as a leading healing modality in Europe for more than a decade. It is based on the work of Bert Hellinger and his understanding of the "Orders of Love". When discord arises in a family system, Hellinger understands it is because the natural order of love has been disturbed. For example, a family trauma may cause a child to take on the burden of a parent which is out of the natural order of love as it is the parent's responsibility to care for the child and not the other way around.


Sedona Family Soul Retrieval

Each family has a soul or a morphogenic field of consciousness and that field encompasses all family members regardless of how much time or distance seems to separate. All events occurring within the family field impact all family members through the ages.

Native American people believe that as the individual heals, we heal seven generations back and seven generations forward.

We do not need to know what happened in the past to our ancestors for it to have an effect on us in present time. However, we also do not need to continue to carry the burden of our ancestors. Family Constellations offers a process and a framework to access and clear these hidden family entanglements.